Crunzhies range of healthier snacks:

One-bite Chocolate Sablé

Sablé are French salted butter cookies originating from Breton. Crunzhies’ chocolate version will appeal to all chocoholics with a slight chocolate bitterness from the use of high quality Valrhona cocoa powder. Our take on the Sablé is healthier with less butter and more of the good stuffs such as high fibre flours, low sodium salt and low GI sugar.  We add on superfoods like oats, cranberry, dark chocolate and nuts. Our nod to the Sablé’s French origin is the use of French butter. And finally, we made it one-bite size so that you can have a little…. or a lot.

70% Dark Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chip & Almonds

Chocolate Chip & Hazelnuts

Chocolate Chip & Walnuts

Orange Peel

Orange Peel & Walnuts

Orange Peel & Chocolate Chip

Nuts Trio
(Almonds. Hazelnuts & Walnuts)

Other snacks:

Why are Crunzhies healthier?

About Crunzhies Cookies!

Our philosophy about eating healthy is very simple:

  • Eat more wholesome foods, less processed foods.
  • Get more fiber into our diet.
  • Eat less of the bad things, or if we have to, eat the improved versions. Such as low sodium salt and low GI sugar.
  • Food must be delicious otherwise there is no point eating.

And we applied this philosophy into creating Crunzhies Cookies. Our cookies are not health food. You don’t eat them because you are on a diet. Our cookies are regular food that are just healthier and better for you.

Crunzhies Cookies are delicious. They just happen to be healthier.

What does healthier means?

Higher fiber, low GI sugar, lower net calories, low sodium and high quality products. That's how we define healthier.

Fiber cannot be digested by our body. It keeps our digestive system clean, feeds gut bacteria, eases bowel movements, and flushes cholesterol out. 

High fiber and low GI sugar ensure blood sugar does not spike. Short term, sugar spike causes lethargy and hunger. Long term, sugar spikes lead to type 2 diabetes.

Every gram of fiber is 4 Calories. As it cannot be digested, it doesn’t count! Net calories are calories that directly affect you. 

And of course, lower sodium is always better for your blood pressure!

How do we make Crunzhies Cookies?

We try to source for our ingredients based on these - the ingredient should be processed as little as possible, is of high quality and is reduced in things that are not good for us such as sodium.

We use a whole wheat pastry flour high in fiber. When there is a need to use white flour, we use an unbleached one.

We use a very low sodium salt that has only 133mg of sodium per 100g serving. (normal salt has 38,758mg sodium!)

We use a low GI sugar made of beets to minimize blood sugar spike.

Other ingredients include cocoa powder from Valrhona, French butter, very lightly candied lemon and orange peels, 70.5% dark chocolate from Belcolade or Callebaut and olive oil.